Cooperation with Outotec


TOMRA Sorting Solutions enters into cooperation with Outotec to expand its comminution product portfolio

TOMRA Sorting Solutions has finalised an agreement in cooperation with Outotec to supply Outotec-branded sorting solutions for the mining and metallurgical industry. TOMRA Sorting is a global leader in sorting technology, setting the bar for sensor-based sorting.  By combining TOMRA’s sorting equipment and Outotec’s comprehensive application and comminution expertise, customers can be offered energy-efficient process solutions which help them to increase productivity, decrease costs and thereby extend the life of their mining operations and increase the overall value of their deposit.

Sorting is used to separate ore from waste rock at mine sites. TOMRA’s sensor-based sorters can reduce specific energy consumption by 15 percent, as well as reducing the amount of water used by three to four cubic meters per tonne of ore.  Although sorting is a rather new technology in the metal mining industry; it is however a proven concept in industrial minerals processing, recycling and the demanding food industry. TOMRA has sold approximately 10,000 solutions for these industries worldwide. Declining ore grades, high energy and production costs, water shortages and increasing environmental regulations require innovative process solutions, and thus the reason for the partnership of TOMRA Sorting and Qutotec.

“As a trusted supplier with more than 10,000 installations in total and more than 200 installations in mining segment around the world, TOMRA Sorting continues to seek out and expand options for the beneficiation of ores and minerals. The cooperation between Outotec and TOMRA is intended to bring to our customers in the mining industry substancial benefits by using Qutotec vast and global presence combined with TOMRA spearhead technologies. Cooperation with Outotec will provide excellent opportunity to unfold the potential that our sensor-based sorting technology offers for clients in the mining industry. ”, says Dr. Volker Rehrmann, Head of TOMRA Sorting Solutions.

"TOMRA's sorting equipment will complement our comminution product portfolio and strengthen our market position. We work hard to ensure that our offering is the best in the industry when it comes to resource efficiency and minimizing emissions – all in all, reducing the ecological footprint of our customers wherever possible. The cooperation with TOMRA will support us in addressing our customers’ challenges in the energy-intensive mineral processing industry. Our sustainable solutions differentiate us from the competition", says Kalle Härkki, Head of Outotec’s Minerals Processing business area.