TOMRA delivers Canada’s largest bottle depot counting and sorting system


TOMRA Collection Solutions has installed the largest, automated bottle depot counting and sorting system in Canada. The record-breaking equipment has a footprint of nearly 300 m2 and can process over 35 million beverage containers per year.

TOMRA Canada has supplied its largest ever Bulk Collection System to Recycle Plus, a not-for-profit container recycling company from Grande Prairie, Alberta. The organization buys beverage containers included in Alberta’s container deposit legislation by refunding the deposit paid by consumers when they purchase beverages in retail locations. The material is then recycled in a closed loop, helping to keep the province clean and reducing the demand for virgin materials.

Processing a large number of container returns, Recycle Plus needed a solution with robust product design and highly accurate sorting sensors that could count and sort all types of containers included in Alberta’s recycling system, such as plastic drink bottles and jugs, aluminum cans, polycoat containers, glass bottles and metal cans.

“This is an historic moment for TOMRA Canada,” said Alain Nault, Senior Vice President TOMRA Canada. “We’re proud to deliver a state-of-the-art system that will help Recycle Plus process more beverage containers quickly and efficiently, offering a great recycling experience to their customers and a better working environment to their staff. The more beverage containers recycled in a closed loop, the more that are kept out of our oceans, streets and landfills.

“Our board did a walk-through tour the second day in and were so impressed with what they saw,” said Brenda Smith, Director of Business Services. “We could not be more pleased with the volumes that are being generated and the high level of customer satisfaction. It truly was a Field of Dreams movie moment: build it and they will come!”

Recycle Plus’ brand new facility, Plus I Bottle Depot, is located at 10910 105a Ave in Grande Prairie. Visit www.recycleplus.com for more information and opening hours.