New South Wales Has Collected Their One Billionth Container!


Almost exactly one year after its launch date, Return and Earn can celebrate the collection of its one billionth container.

On December 1st, 2017, Return and Earn was rolled out across New South Wales (NSW), Australia, in a bid to increase the state’s recycling rates. Through the scheme, recyclers can cash in their eligible drink containers for a 10-cent refund. From day one, the scheme has had an enormous impact.

The 1 billionth container was returned at 5.50pm on Sunday 2nd December and was the result of an enormous effort across the board. Every one of the containers collected has been prevented from entering the litter stream or landfill.

The figures speak for themselves:

  • Eligible drink containers collected and recycled: up by 69%
  • Eligible drink container litter volume: down 44%
  • NSW total litter volume: down 48% since 2013
  • Drinks containers processed each week: 26 million
  • Most drink containers processed in a day: 5.6 million on Sunday 11th November 

What do 1 billion containers look like?

If you laid out the containers end to end, they could reach 146,000 km in distance. That’s enough to:

  • Travel from Paris to Moscow 51 times
  • Go from Sydney to Rome 9 times
  • Travel the perimeter of Australia 4 times
  • Ride the Tour de France 41 times
  • … or fly 37% of the way to the Moon

The recycling of 1 billion containers is equivalent to:

  • 106 million gigajoules of energy saved
  • 8 million tonnes of CO2 removed from the atmosphere
  • Planting 12 million trees
  • Taking 2.1 million cars off the road
  • Saving 27 million months of household energy use

December 1st marks the one year anniversary of TOMRA’s recycling app, myTOMRA, which was launched simultaneously with the Return and Earn scheme. The world’s first recycling payout app, myTOMRA has also experienced success in its first year. The app became the top-10 most downloaded in just two months, and has been downloaded 242 000 times in the past year. 12% of all containers recycled with Return and Earn have been refunded through myTOMRA, where Australians have transferred over 9.9 million AUD to their PayPal accounts. For more information, visit mytomra.com.au.



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