Peruvian National Award for Innovation in Mining received


The paper presented about the ore sorting project at Minsur, San Rafael, at Perúmin was elected amongst 380 presented papers and awarded the Peruvian National Award for Innovation in Mining. The award was handed over by the Peruvian Minister of Mines and Energy, Rosa María Ortiz last Friday.

The plant went into operation in 2016 including TOMRA´s X-Ray transmission technology and is projected to contribute 6,000 tonnes of refined tin to the San Rafael mine’s 2017 production. The mine, located in the La Venecia district of Peru’s San Rafael municipality, produced about 6% of global tin production in 2015.

In order to test the performance of this technology at San Rafael, MINSUR prepared 1.4 tonnes of composite sample from the Cancha 35 stockpile in the size range 10 to 75 mm by double-stage crushing and screening. This material was sent to TOMRA Sorting’s test facility near Hamburg in Germany.

The performance test work proved that, through all size fractions, a significant amount of material (almost 75% of the feed mass) could be removed by the sensor-based sorting unit. The average grade is below 0.1% tin and considered sub-economic and financially not feasible to feed to the mine’s main plant. The product grade though is significantly above the required cut-off for mill feed.

The project was approved on the strength of a positive feasibility study, and 14 months later the construction of a 3,000 tonne per day plant was completed. This fast track performance, encouraged by the significant economic potential that it heralded, saw the sensor-based ore sorting equipment being purchased from TOMRA Sorting through its partner Outotec.

Congratulations to Minsur, our global technology partner Outotec, our local partner Futuratec and the TOMRA project team!

Read the full case study here: Minsur - Tin giant gets boost from TOMRA ore sorting technology