TOMRA highlighted in circular economy report


The report, Intelligent Assets: Unlocking the circular economy potential, was produced as part of Project Mainstream, a global, multi-industry initiative that aims to accelerate business-driven innovations to help scale the circular economy.

The report establishes that the interplay between the value drivers of a circular economy, which aims to keep products and materials at their highest value at all times, and those generated by a network of intelligent assets (or Internet of Things), presents significant opportunities for almost every part of society. Intelligent devices provide an abundance of information about the location, condition and availability of assets, all critical factors enabling the maximization of use rates and the looping of materials back into the system, both of which are core principles of a circular economy. 

In the section entitled “Getting the Right Stuff to the Right Place,” the report highlights TOMRA’s solutions for optimal resource productivity. Says TOMRA President and CEO Stefan Ranstrand, “TOMRA’s sorting solutions contribute significantly to the circular economy both in terms of maximizing resource value and utilization, and we're proud that our activities are among those that have been specifically highlighted in this report. We congratulate the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the World Economic Forum on their excellent work in helping to drive this important topic forward.”

Visit the Ellen MacArthur Foundation website to read the report