TOMRA launches NSW’s most advanced beverage Recycling Center in Granville


TOMRA has launched a new world class beverage Recycling Center in Granville, the first of its kind in New South Wales, Australia. Due to the high volume of containers being returned at the scheme’s top performing RVM in Granville, the Sydney suburb has been chosen as the location for New South Wales’ first state-of the-art TOMRA Recycling Center.

Granville recyclers will be able to use the new facility from today, including nine Reverse Vending Machines, each of which accepts glass bottles, plastic bottles, cartons and aluminium cans all at the same machine. Busy recyclers can also take advantage of a new bag drop service for those short on time, whilst TOMRA’s bulk commercial sorting system is perfect for businesses and community groups with high numbers of containers to process. TOMRA will also be offering a pick up service for local businesses and community groups that want to make recycling their containers even easier and more rewarding.

President of TOMRA Collection Australia, Ryan Buzzell, says the state-of-the-art center is a testament to the enthusiasm with which communities across the state, have taken to recycling their drink containers.

“The numbers speak volumes about the willingness of NSW recyclers to tackle container litter in their communities. Nowhere more so than in Granville, where container recycling has been so popular that it made total sense for us to build our first state-of-the-art recycling center here.”

TOMRA Recycling Center Granville Australia “We hope it serves as a reminder of the great job the local community is doing in recycling their containers, but also as encouragement for those who aren’t yet making use of the scheme to do so. The more people who choose ‘clean-loop’, bottle to bottle recycling over other recycling options, the better our chances of reducing the amount of new plastic being produced, and the easier it’ll be to stop container litter ending up in our environment,” said Mr. Buzzell.

Ronald McDonald House, Westmead has been announced as the Recycling Center’s inaugural local donation partner, allowing those returning containers at the center to donate their refunds to a great local cause. Based on the fantastic return rates in Granville to date, even if locals donated only one in ten containers, that would amount to almost $30,000 in funds raised over a three month period.

Arani Duggan, Head of Marketing and Fundraising at Ronald McDonald House Greater Western Sydney, says, “It’s a wonderful initiative, which raises much needed funds for sick children and provides the community with a great opportunity to give back. Money raised will go towards keeping our doors open and running our programs, helping reduce the impact a child’s serious illness has on a family.” TOMRA’s Granville Recycling Center can be found at 4 Parramatta Road, Granville, and is open 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm (Mon-Frid) and 7am to 5pm (Sat-Sun). For more information, please visit mytomra.com.au.

TOMRA Recycling Center Granville AustraliaFor further information, please contact:

Tim Hayes

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