TOMRA showcases new opportunities for quartz and gold processes at AIMEX 2017


TOMRA Sorting Mining, a leading sensor-based sorting systems manufacturer, introduces its innovative multi-channel laser sorting technology at AIMEX, the international Asia-Pacific Exhibition, in Sydney, Australia, from 29-31 August, 2017. The new laser sorting technology will enable quartz and gold processes to achieve higher recovery, better quality and more consistent sorting of quartz material than can be secured using other sensor technologies.

AIMEX 2017 is one of the world’s largest mining exhibitions, and trade visitors to this four-day event held at the Sydney Showground inside the Sydney Olympic Park will find TOMRA Sorting´s mining specialists on-hand at stand 1420 ready to explain the key advantages sensor-based sorting can bring to mining operations.

Minerals which could not be differentiated with existing technologies, such as colour-sorting, X-ray transmission or near-infrared sensors, can now be identified and separated. The new ore sorting technology enables the user to define and apply a greater number of sorting criteria, and thus sort with much greater precision. The laser identification technology consists of a multi-channel laser scanning system with high-resolution imaging, and cutting-edge colour and textural selectivity. Multiple material characteristics such as brightness, colour, size, shape and surface texture are processed simultaneously.

Although it is a relatively new technology in the mining sector, sensor-based sorting has the potential to address some of the major challenges the industry now faces: declining ore grades, rising production costs, water shortages and ever-increasing environmental regulations. Worldwide, TOMRA sorting systems already contribute to increased productivity by delivering enhanced processing which is appreciably more energy-efficient and impressively more cost-effective. In addition, TOMRA´s sensor-based solutions can secure profitable recovery from marginal waste and mining blocks, which helps to extend the life of mining operations and thus optimize and increase the overall value of deposits.

Commenting on the potential of advanced sorting technologies, Anthony Sacca, Managing Director of TOMRA Sorting Australia, said: “The application of sensor-based sorting can significantly change the way materials are processed. Our new laser sorting technique, for example, is unlocking previously untapped opportunities for quartz and gold processes – an innovative and highly cost-efficient solution which significantly increases the viable lifespan of these valuable deposits. We can achieve higher recovery, better quality, and more consistent sorting of quartz material with laser sorting than with other sensor technologies.”